To Go (2008)

To Go (2008)



1) Richgirl Tuesday           4:05

2) Cimeteries Of London    6:17

3) King of Rain                  2:11

4) The Face                      3:30

5) Searching                     5:55

6) Annika                         6:05

7) Art                             10:11

8) Joseph                         8:00


Album interpret name: Aaron Summertime


It is the late lead album of Summernightbrand Record Sales, a.k.a. "Department Of Reclusive Paranoïa". Recorded in and around the chapel of Mertzig; , it hosts a nice Coldplay cover: "Cimeteries Of  London". The expression technique employed uses a certain tremole-pause, so there is a dialogue with the church ship, as proposed byspeeches of Ettelbrück priest M Maurice Péporté. Cimeteries of London got recorded on the surroundings grounds.







King Of Rain

Cimeteries if London

The Face

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