Fondu Noir (2002)

Fondu Noir (2002)



Criticism "fondu Noir"

 A work of Summernightbrand Record Sales Office and the budget by Mr Pierre Rauschfondu-noir-1.png

Follow-up films:

Our experience in the chalet (possible cooperation with the camping Fussekaul)

Candle in the use of the ordinary (advent candle, Paschal candle, candles in concert; actor)

Effi Sachenbacher (female. Actor; Thematrike mask in the sense of television production)

What do I want? (possible career choices of students; Rotation in companies; EV. Companies with the reception)

Wedding flicker (Church Diekirch)

Fondu au noir 2: Barthez on a secret mission

Teachers in dire straits (was at "fondu au noir" the teacher as a power pole, acting requirement)

Mobile communication (camera switching between calls in relation to the camera)

Reading options for Luxembourg classes:

Notre Dame de Paris / ad. cinema

Les Misérables / Les Misérables (1995: Claude Lelouche)

About the film:

The film is regarded as greater production, what the option applies to audio visual in Diekirch and is really hard to surpass. Hopes for places in the music business, karg equipped are the reality according to.

Great production, under the direction of Mr Thierry Bessling and Mr Angelo Amodio. Mr Amod weigh difficult issues is (dedication school concert).

Difficult subject with with a clear religious background (theme: candle), but also addiction, students who slap but neatly.

"The classic Lyceum has campaigns with the police, what addictive behavior, in particular Alkoholkunsum includes; because we wanted to play. But also film blood/Idol blood, which was a difficult subject of the theatre to cinema greats essential training for the everyday use at home or school, rather, inappropriate. Because the Lycaeum is so demanding.


The picture quality is very high, what the demands on crew and set. So, the actors also flat screen can convince. It is a new issue that requires much; but has clear advantages, as the spectacle of football championships in the pedestrian streets of Luxembourg.

The subject sect must not necessarily film blood present, or candle use / addiction present. It is, rather, the sets of themes, which clearly are in the foreground. It is a glimpse into the school life of the classical Lyceum, for which we are very grateful in any case. It is a religious movie, with peak of use of the candle.

Candle as a link between household and Church

Here: Degradation of the candle to join a sect

More differentiated: so come the contacts of directed in the game, which allow a finale in the Hugo stronghold of Vianden. The Executive Board, as a classical Lyceum is here. There have several on rotation but larger potential concerning cinematography, to justify it is: subsequent casting participation on four channels, playing in churches (choir membership Ettelbruck).

Diekirch is known as artistic stronghold, what concerns literature, music or relationship to the woman, in terms of both conceived. The theme of the film, seems unfair, but feasible.

So you should differnzieren between the actor as a smoker, the actor as sect members and the actor as a provider of advertising; It is difficult to identify cigarette advertising.

Scenes with Mr Hubert Bauler

A tension is in the air, between teacher and actor. Actors, in particular of Mr Hubert Bauler, expressed in relation to the candle, but also on the issue of performance paid sponsorship; and thus strong feelings of father or teacher training institutions is held. The student draws, has the legs to the table, others are hectic, few have shown interest. Trying to distinguish themselves.

By the choice of dress is to a certain Subkontigienz Mr Sahjiva Vohra at or think as regards dress choice. an associative to management, statement by Sahjiva Hameed, Member of the school community of Diekirch. The China school, students, and school bags.

Mr Hubert Bauler has much idea what concerns literature and theatre, so he is known visit of the old lady, but also Galileo Galilei for several theatre productions, z.A., if I remember, Filmplakete of the Lyceum, Diekirch regularly hang out in public; in any case, Reportoire.

Mr Pierre Rausch / Paul Barthez

As an actor, Mr Pierre Rausch has seen a significant development from 2001 to 2002. Hair cut, maturity, someone is just before graduation. Anyone who can guide you become GEF¨HLE. Possible Übermotiviert, may be the last cuts of the movie dispose, he is since then literary, musically challenged, because he at this stage yet strong by Ben Harper, and faithful to the snowboard scene.


The participation of the family rush, whose z.z. cited concern in connection with family tragedies, such as in the letters to the school management; With book technology is working currently, regarding the processing of blows in the face, an album "Facebook (2013) is planned. It is in the better; He will eventually no longer reach the world-class stage (Mastication). It goes in the direction of Church (choral song).

a young aspiring student who has to express themselves with the help of sponsorship (O'Neil) that nervousness of a first cinematic role, or drama apprentice. He directs, Furthermore, that with smoke (community sponsorship), can be used by the "first blow in", so the focus is on film and art direct a "push up", and instructions to meet. He the unpleasant role takes the Proleten(Raucher), schulich prepared by listening to music and smoking.

"everything that was, was film. The emerging industries of the nineties were television, radio business, to Univertsitätszeiten worked almost exclusively with PC. Who has practiced all year, what counted was the effective date of the film. Expressed as then satisfaction to his role was motivated, he was with regard to the examination of maturity."

Mr. Paul Weiler, leaves, like a figure; his suggestion to the greeting is the flow that is beneficial. Both take the unpleasant role of the smoker (Visual villain), the unpleasant roles assume by troublemakers, one may not necessarily have in the home. Difficult subject, which the school can show clear distaste. That are in the each case types that can play this role without the family, in particular the mother, suffer.

Mr Sahjiva Hameed:

The head of the sect is skeptical about what concerns the inclusion of the student into the community. Well-built nineties, with knowledge in techno scene and fashion. He questioned the sponsorship of Paul Barthez: good clothes, more diversified black, Italian orientation; taciturn. Someone an aura of all-in, you become feelings. Vohrastellt intellectual skills, in particular, what Franz. Poet culture, in Theekreisen, has dar, this can be in any Fallevisuel, represent, and thus, also, a successful request of the Lyceum, Diekirch, what concerns the rotation in the heart of Viandens: not only a writer tea is popular with a Marcel Pagnol (., but also with filmmakers, wei NAT.. Is he the leader of the sect?

The film may dilute something, what concerns the entire length, so the topic is so controversial when quick view (from scene 1 scene 2); Change of environment: the school may immediately rebuke or negatively-intentioned request of directed, under consideration modern manner of articulation, how about sign language so on low-budget productions, in school workshops or university circles betrifft1 considered the entire audience, what

With love staged, expelled from that budget, the Bettendorf in the Lyceum strengthens, as regards modern technology in the audiovisual sector, but also interpersonal relationships: I know not whether Pierre encounters someone who comes from a rectory and was possibly hingwiesen claims; the use of candles, without him. Here are any defects of the performer, his braid scenes (classroom) to mention; someone who breaks under the attention of the schoolmaster.

Finale: The final is terrific, with the phil swirling on. Question, is film blood "Color/ketchup" about real blood, like at Moros clearly illustrates, where it is indeed quite to the point.

When children watch, or associate PC-data, that blood colour,

Enormous scenery, great lighting, good mask. Paul Barthez is to on the stage, still prevails.

He gets his experience with candle well represented, so that a certain statements in that circles is not abzusrechen him.

Possible conclusion: the teacher cancels with artisan eloquence the hustle and bustle of the student in the cinema.

The production meets a length by 8 minutes, although minor inconsistencies, such as lack of clarity visual way to complain about in the car Crusher scene.Comment: Fondu Noir is the culmination of what concerns the work of the audiovisual Department of Diekirch, in collaboration with Summernightbrand record sales concerns: Although rêve d ' élève was prices, so the movie business on a künsterischen was high. Through the length of the film reaches viewers, what comes to the erstaustrahlung. The theme of the candle weighing over, and draws attention to.

You get 1 Visual presentation of sign language, with view of this in any case a positive surrounding, concerning Mr Pierre Rausch, and its surroundings.



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