Should Lanterns Shine (2012)

Should Lanterns Shine (2012)

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The origin for "should lanterns shine" was, when a friend of mine suggested to a friend of mine to work on a new album. My Ibanez Guitar had a lot of propositions for the second album. I was surprised at the overwelming ideas, to fructure, to fricture within. My Dreadnought had drafts from the christian booklet of the musical group I'm member; at about 60 songs got written for the Ibanez.

In personal shifts, at times live, in public, we do our best to satisfy our clients. I have been heavily influenced by christian lyrics, as well as a Dylan Thomas poems and other songs. My assurance-partner, had some support.


Imagine columns of studios, an abberant number of skyscrapers, divided in groups, per-light and weightclass: How can you communicate with thee, where you play on sitar, you cannot necessarely correspond with sleep. Whereas the wizard the studios; how do they? So I walk by thee; a settlements, look around.

Imagine a complete concept, a convulsive season, no worker in the shape of manege!

Admired Bo Herald, neighbor, told us, to stay away from danger, to be precarious in perilous situations. She gave us bonbon on the way home; that was my Cassandra, it shore path, steep, abrupt, a card and bow; jumped both of 'em, whereas in the upper village, there is a vendor, a low-price shop. Mother Herald is as a one-way explanation to the galaxy, we were such a lovely community - with a gift, not to be glad. Being present so that she told us to stay on the path - (whereas in the forest there looms a lampion). I'm a bit off-subject, but anyway.

Imagine a face of a bird painted in dilligent manner. It's patience. If your mirror is the truth, your message is a board of the deepest inside.

Imagination of I'll fall down and lie. I did not stand on cliff, it's in between a matter to discuss.

"Haunt me, vail, crisp the bones around that womb! I'm a tree, a rigid column" "a viral suspense, a troubadour, linguistic bla-bla".

Imagine a boatsea of fear, swiveling prior to the 1929 NY-SE rise, automobile stock crashes, steady concern, no guitar tuners; yet professional, theatralic opposition: It's the washing-machine, that may roar your cloth. Is that a mistake, I can correct?

"Conduct and behave, play with thee, let's hoist our eyebrows and hide any further temptation" A placenta debree!

- should lanterns shine

Imagine a twenty-third century bird - A planetary affront to thumbnail without first aid; self-made is wolf and man

- should lanterns shine

There are two kinds of lanterns, those working with electricity and those filled with candles - should lanterns shine

Canvas in progress - Guess the second is a gadget; easy to produce, easy to presume - should lanterns shine

"should lanterns shine" as slogan, handles environmental evoluation up-to-date. As relative church member, it got eminent for me on Eastern eve - should lanterns shine

 - should lanterns shine

It came to topic, to evoluate television appearances? It was supposed to be the last outcome to rejection - endangered - I am not urged to continue - should lanterns shine.

Length of diffusion, outlook, nervosity - levels, basically the entire package.

When you look into the eyes of the aura of the charisma of the trademark character of any TV-Host, how they'd glimmer,  - should lanterns shine


Song Explanations:

The title track "Lumen Christi", ode to the choirs of churches, ode to Pope Jean-Paul II, is based upon basic catholic notion - lumen christi - lumen gentium: lumen gentium - proclamation of Pope II Jean-Paul - it encounters the light of the nation (I presume to mention, lights went out in Europe, chains of night stalled in November 2006). Pope Jean-Paul II, as theatralical existence; man of noble origin, deliverer of white aura may be the only emminence to pronounce thee and simliar threat. I "gentium" is a 2003-established typeface-font available on Open office; it helps to proclaimish "lumen gentium"  as screen event, as pixel as light. (1)

Lumen Christi - advert segment of the eastern season in catholic occident; domestication of human destiny in comparison to wax. (2)

Is there a ratio, a mathematic approach, beetween (1) and (2)? Given that (1) is rather a constant; (2) opting for a variant pattern. (1) has a proven musical repere, whereas the (2) musical regroupment is found, both are comparable. On other hand, (1) is not as known then (2).

The chorus, recurrently, asks for night, so that mitigation reasons as hybrid follower. The sentence, "and the nightingale sleeps outside", prooves, concludes.

The Lux Aeterna passage - borrowed from dear compratiotes of choral member - it's not yet known if it will make it to the sales or not, containing parental lyrics (latin); having yet existence in exhibit.

Played on traditional Capo 7 pattern , it uses basic chords played in unique arpeggio upstring-downstring technique. The lumen notions honor difficult C7 - F terrain - precariuos passage, a mine field for etudiant! It cuts tension.

Capo 7 is Simon Bolivar terrain for Shiverspine. :-)


Merchants of Gold:

The lyrics employ invented words that sound bizarre at random. They may be similar to spanish or african linguistical approach, to rise unknown parts. It's the theme of voyage, voyage to foreign countries. It tries to conduct alternative gospel genre to prospering, younger listeners.

The employed staccato technique cuts connection between chord/barré, cuts connection beetween solo part; pushes melody and barely release: The facility, used half-way and giving the open part to open strings. Proposed by Ibanez - that I presume to mention. Techniques get treated by Rock'n roll- "The Strokes" cover the headlines of festival and illustrations - prior to their moment of truth as band - I presume to mention; valid authentification on album "Is this it"; "The Modern Age" intro makes vein swing






Angel Christmas, song written early 2008, is that second traditional hit next to Lumen Christi. It is common in usual conceptation of structure record schemata (ex.: The Verve - Urban Hymns). It it's played without plektron.

That scheme allows it to compare records, or at least that major part, that is transmitted to public medias, in a way an artist has to have said a focal message, on the sidelines of inquiry; is the retailor somebody I want to work with.

It evoluates, in my case the voice, calibrating, with low pitch backing, traditional barriton crest. The lyrics used suggest a hymn, to feel if I don't know wither I want to feel or not.



1961, is a possible twenty-year top chart-position proposition.

1961 is a persiflage, questioning obvious tendency, the need of writing songs, the need of singing songs. It may sounds bad in a listen in public transportation, feels the client saturated, noises occur in public, they are no reason to buy the product.


Southhampton Irregular - The choice of the song title hints, that I would like to write songs for choirs, being more diversifiant like precedant suggestion. The purpose, is, in that case, to find attention in public, especially in disturbations: The Sotton Irregular transcendents the shady punk-rock-genre, twenty minutes of ruler as a follower, it may be associated with noise. The purpose of this song is to be kind to ear protection, in case you travel alone and you are disposed to eventual noise. Spilled milk on seats, hair on floor, gaspy hair, a train full of noises. To cause trouble in background of chat and proclamation. You may think: "Oh this should pass soon", "Oh this talk causes no harm" instead of continuing to work in thought and harmony. Punk is, in that case, a clear statement toward creative settlements. It keeps focus.

The riff accomodation is a full stachato pattern. Vocals are diverse trying to escape prior accomplishment.

(Southhampon Irregular may be associated with the commemoration to the "Titanic" tragedy on 14. April 1912: Rebelling against the establishment, it wouldn't be pleased to be the first and second class on boat, those in the economy class being rather lured into crime, Southhampon Irregular favors tragedy that ocurred south of Shetland - when Titanic sunk to the deepest cold - a thousand hold frozen on iced sea.)

Covers include, Muse, Kelly Family, Placebo.




should lanterns shine is the follow up to Lemures & Legends 1 & 2 (2011), and Tales Out The Grave (2007), I worked rather well - the same product in different shape. It will be applied for "should lanterns shine". It is anticipated, especially in consideration. As described, there seem several tracks, exposed as constructive consumption of shivverspine exclusive; prior sections had a rather discreasing effect, making the customer look stronger with every consumption. The record, may be, at first a provocative exclamation; if lanterns burn tint train or even, bus coaches with leather seat. It may sound ridicoulous or mocking, if I excuse, that this is my full concern: I can't go to every person in that common livehood and ask these to shut up; it is an inquiry to be quiet without ending; I should rather focus to punish or remeed somebody without a licence isn't a given; any further explanation is off topic.




"Music, especially voice, is destined to people. Consulting, hearing, healing, to build a relationship, and to accustomize confessions to somebody else; you can't see somebody in person. Expect effect in real life; I mean that person, you hoped to hear, will necessarly reply (situation).


You make confessions to any kind of artists. It may cause problems in personal relations, private matters because this encreases relations to ohters.




the idea of founding a coorperation came to mind, consulting my bank-assistent, personal friends; that there is a need of recording studio's, targetet market the smaller market in Luxembourg.  In the presence of a notary, it's supposed to be a society with a name, I think about having a longer period for that decision, it's either "Summernightbrand Record Sales ", either "Summernightbrand Record Ltd". With our homepage we destinate a Worldwide clientèle; and we want to host our mian artist, "shiverspine" in several European Countries, being able to sing in any language, é 10000112/0 is persuaded to hold him with offering songs in 8 languages ( Turkish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian). If you want to apply, as artist to é, try to sing excusively our songs, that are hosted in the Tab section - they are the proper way to learn making modern music.


Ramon Ramirez Ortega

Southhampton Irregular


Red Earth The Cannonball

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