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Summernightbrand Record Sales Office | Singer, Guitarist & Songwriter
Genre: Acoustic, Alternative
Sounds like Radiohead, Ben Harper
Influences: Bob Dylan, Muse, Placebo


> Via Jamendo Don Gelato has published in creative commons.. This moves to - obsolete -


In a Radio Show I play Luxembourgish acts, as well as these acts that have shows in Luxembourg fitting the Genre.




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The Gelato Brainwash Academy with Dr Wash, Dr Brain & Don Gelato is an associate idea and concept, some of it in creative commons...


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This site is published with our fifth studio album: shiverspine - "should lanterns shine" (2012)



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Should Lanterns Shine (2012)

The origin for "should lanterns shine" is, when a friend of mine suggested to a friend of mine to work on a new album. Ibanez had a lot of propositions for the second album. I was surprised at the overwelming ideas, to fructure, to fricture within. My Dreadnought had drafts from the christian booklet of the musical group I'm member; at about 60 songs got written from the Ibanez.

In personal shifts, at times live, in public, we do our best to satisfy our clients. I have been heavily influenced by christian lyrics, as well as a Dylan Thomas poems and other songs. My assurance-partner, had some support.


Imagine columns of studios, an abberant number of skyscrapers, divided in groups, per-light and weightclass: How can you communicate with thee, where you play on sitar, you cannot necessarely correspond with sleep. Whereas the wizard the studios; how do they? So I walk by thee; a settlements, look around.

Imagine a complete concept, a convulsive season, no worker in the shape of manege!

Admired Bo Herald, neighbor, told us, to stay away from danger, to be precarious in perilous situations. She gave us bonbon on the way home; that was my Cassandra, it shore path, steep, abrupt, a card and bow; jumped both of 'em, whereas in the upper village, there is a vendor, a low-price shop. Mother Herald is as a one-way explanation to the galaxy, we were such a lovely community - with a gift, not to be glad. Being present so that she told us to stay on the path - (whereas in the forest there looms a lampion). I'm a bit off-subject, but anyway.

Imagine a face of a bird painted in dilligent manner. It's patience. If your mirror is the truth, your message is a board of the deepest inside.

Imagination of I'll fall down and lie. I did not stand on cliff, it's in between a matter to discuss.

"Haunt me, vail, crisp the bones around that womb! I'm a tree, a rigid column" "a viral suspense, a troubadour, linguistic bla-bla".

Imagine a boatsea of fear, swiveling prior to the 1929 NY-SE rise, automobile stock crashes, steady concern, no guitar tuners; yet professional, theatralic opposition: It's the washing-machine, that may roar your cloth. Is that a mistake, I can correct?

"Conduct and behave, play with thee, let's hoist our eyebrows and hide any further temptation" A placenta debree!

- should lanterns shine

Imagine a twenty-third century bird - A planetary affront to thumbnail without first aid; self-made is wolf and man

- should lanterns shine

There are two kinds of lanterns, those working with electricity and those filled with candles - should lanterns shine

Canvas in progress - Guess the second is a gadget; easy to produce, easy to presume - should lanterns shine

"should lanterns shine" as slogan, handles environmental evoluation up-to-date. As relative church member, it got eminent for me on Eastern eve - should lanterns shine

 - should lanterns shine

It came to topic, to evoluate television appearances? It was supposed to be the last outcome to rejection - endangered - I am not urged to continue - should lanterns shine.

Length of diffusion, outlook, nervosity - levels, basically the entire package.

When you look into the eyes of the aura of the charisma of the trademark character of any TV-Host, how they'd glimmer,  - should lanterns shine


Song Explanations:

The title track "Lumen Christi", ode to the choirs of churches, ode to Pope Jean-Paul II, is based upon basic catholic notion - lumen christi - lumen gentium: lumen gentium - proclamation of Pope II Jean-Paul - it encounters the light of the nation (I presume to mention, lights went out in Europe, chains of night stalled in November 2006). Pope Jean-Paul II, as theatralical existence; man of noble origin, deliverer of white aura may be the only emminence to pronounce thee and simliar threat. I "gentium" is a 2003-established typeface-font available on Open office; it helps to proclaimish "lumen gentium"  as screen event, as pixel as light. (1)

Lumen Christi - advert segment of the eastern season in catholic occident; domestication of human destiny in comparison to wax. (2)

Is there a ratio, a mathematic approach, beetween (1) and (2)? Given that (1) is rather a constant; (2) opting for a variant pattern. (1) has a proven musical repere, whereas the (2) musical regroupment is found, both are comparable. On other hand, (1) is not as known then (2).

The chorus, recurrently, asks for night, so that mitigation reasons as hybrid follower. The sentence, "and the nightingale sleeps outside", prooves, concludes.

The Lux Aeterna passage - borrowed from dear compratiotes of choral member - it's not yet known if it will make it to the sales or not, containing parental lyrics (latin); having yet existence in exhibit.

Played on traditional Capo 7 pattern , it uses basic chords played in unique arpeggio upstring-downstring technique. The lumen notions honor difficult C7 - F terrain - precariuos passage, a mine field for etudiant! It cuts tension.

Capo 7 is Simon Bolivar terrain for Shiverspine.


Merchants of Gold:

The lyrics employ invented words that sound bizarre at random. They may be similar to spanish or african linguistical approach, to rise unknown parts. It's the theme of voyage, voyage to foreign countries. It tries to conduct alternative gospel genre to prospering, younger listeners.

The employed staccato technique cuts connection between chord/barré, cuts connection beetween solo part; pushes melody and barely release: The facility, used half-way and giving the open part to open strings. Proposed by Ibanez - that I presume to mention. Techniques get treated by Rock'n roll- "The Strokes" cover the headlines of festival and illustrations - prior to their moment of truth as band - I presume to mention; valid authentification on album "Is this it"; "The Modern Age" intro makes vein swing


Sacrilege (tense song - 21 second extrait); opera related, to asking assistance from the starring riff. I would not comment, if I could answer to that feel, to tell what it is. It wouldn't disturb, thee anterior door.

I include staccato 4 patterns riffs, basic stuff that bring us to the limit. "Sacrilege" hides social lies by recuparating in a hit network.

Sacrilege and Merchants of Gold are supposed to carry the elemental themes of "should lanterns shine": the solos respond to tensional questions: Do I exist, or am I not, as we don't know if we're wither or against - question existence of art, but the way to that reason stays the same - I got something wrong.

Jericho Lilac: Basic fingerpicking, vibrations of open string and elemental communication method between guitar and player. Melodie got ranked under "Nothing Else Matters", as garantee of hope. I mention that a siege of Israel lies in the past. At first it may suggest at a distance beetween the shrine and Metallica, distance accustomed by travel, television and policy, distance accustomed by network, where a slow, uncommercial kerbstone like "Jericho Lilac" may seem uncomfortable, yet uncorrespondant, open to trade. Move up slow - Move down fast, find something that she reads.





Angel Christmas, song written early 2008, is that second traditional hit next to Lumen Christi. It is common in usual conceptation of structure record schemata (ex.: The Verve - Urban Hymns). It it's played without plektron.

That scheme allows it to compare records, or at least that major part, that is transmitted to public medias, in a way an artist has to have said a focal message, on the sidelines of inquiry; is the retailor somebody I want to work with.

It evoluates, in my case the voice, calibrating, with low pitch backing, traditional barriton crest. The lyrics used suggest a hymn, to feel if I don't know wither I want to feel or not.



1961, is a possible twenty-year top chart-position proposition.

1961 is a persiflage, questioning obvious tendency, the need of writing songs, the need of singing songs. It may sounds bad in a listen in public transportation, feels the client saturated, noises occur in public, they are no reason to buy the product.


Southhampton Irregular - The choice of the song title hints, that I would like to write songs for choirs, being more diversifiant like precedant suggestion. The purpose, is, in that case, to find attention in public, especially in disturbations: The Sotton Irregular transcendents the shady punk-rock-genre, twenty minutes of ruler as a follower, it may be associated with noise. The purpose of this song is to be kind to ear protection, in case you travel alone and you are disposed to eventual noise. Spilled milk on seats, hair on floor, gaspy hair, a train full of noises. To cause trouble in background of chat and proclamation. You may think: "Oh this should pass soon", "Oh this talk causes no harm" instead of continuing to work in thought and harmony. Punk is, in that case, a clear statement toward creative settlements. It keeps focus.

The riff accomodation is a full stachato pattern. Vocals are diverse trying to escape prior accomplishment.

(Southhampon Irregular may be associated with the commemoration to the "Titanic" tragedy on 14. April 1912: Rebelling against the establishment, it wouldn't be pleased to be the first and second class on boat, those in the economy class being rather lured into crime, Southhampon Irregular favors tragedy that ocurred south of Shetland - when Titanic sunk to the deepest cold - a thousand hold frozen on iced sea.)

Covers include Travis, Muse, Kelly Family, Placebo.



should lanterns shine will be the follow up to Lemures & Legends 1&2 (2011), Christmas-EP (2009) and Tales Out The Grave (2007), I worked rather well - the same product in different shape. It will be applied for "should lanterns shine". It is anticipated, especially in consideration. As described, there seem several tracks, exposed as constructive consumption of shivverspine exclusive; prior sections had a rather discreasing effect, making the customer look stronger with every consumption. The record, may be, at first a provocative exclamation; if lanterns burn tint train or even, bus coaches with leather seat. It may sound ridicoulous or mocking, if I excuse, that this is my full concern: I can't go to every person in that common livehood and ask these to shut up; it is an inquiry to be quiet without ending; I should rather focus to punish or remeed somebody without a licence isn't a given; any further explanation is off topic.


"Music, especially voice, is destined to people. Consulting, hearing, healing, to build a relationship, and to accustomize confessions to somebody else; you can't see somebody in person. Expect effect in real life; I mean that person, you hoped to hear, will necessarly reply (situation).

You make confessions to any kind of artists. It may cause problems in personal relations, private matters because this encreases relations to ohters.


the idea of founding a coorperation came to mind, consulting my bank-assistent, personal friends; that there is a need of recording studio's, targetet market the smaller market in Luxembourg.  In the presence of a notary, it's supposed to be a society with a name, I think about having a longer period for that decision, it's either "Summernightbrand Record Sales ", either "Summernightbrand Record Ltd". With our homepage we destinate a Worldwide clientèle; and we want to host our mian artist, "Aaron Summertime" in several European Countries, being able to sing in any language, é 10000112/0 is persuaded to hold him with offering songs in 8 languages ( Turkish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian). If you want to apply, as artist to é, try to sing excusively our songs, that are hosted in the Tab section - they are the proper way to learn making modern music.




Tageblatt 1.8.2011 : "Shoppen zu Musik"



The albums of Summernightbrand are recorded with

- Archos Key MP3-Player, that guarantees quality digital recording

- Ibanez Western Artwood AW-250ECE-RTB Rustic Brown

Editing is done with the Audacity 2.0 recording plattform (download link below)





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"Wannst de eppes kannst" - 05.05.2012: Presenting my childhood photoalbum, wearing football shoes

(Good Evening, Artwork Guitar) - The segment starts at 17:00 minutes replay - Enjoy!




 kommentar-planet-magazin-05-05-2012-deutsch.doc kommentar-planet-magazin-05-05-2012-deutsch.doc



Dear “planet magazin”, dear Mr Dan Spogen

We thank you for the excellent transmission of the report “Wannst de eppes kannst”. It was even better as we wished. We are in the regret to inform you, that, meanwhile, Mr. Pierre Rausch got burgled. He had just come as we desired. The guitar was very well lit, one sees a young man with cleats, which is a children's album. The candidate may be a diabetic.

His teeth aren't yellow - this may be criticism of lighting, or commendation of the Co. The candidate is not expecting the astonishing decision of the jury; He had given his CDs in advance; his nose seems to be too thick.

In the music-profession, the candidate gets medical, kinesiotherapie-, insurance, it's rather hard - put together for banks and notary appointments, such a strong team that the candidate helps out.

If specialists are consulted, they show good results. The candidate seems political interested.

After the break-hold into his caravan; a crime documented in the PV 12047 of the Police Wiltz. The candidate could possibly be dead.

On the Internet it is on Doomby – on television it is the candidate

A DVD of the segment got requested.

In detail: the musical performance is OK - it talks about 2 to 3 operations in advance - in the area of the vertebral column; any complexes and imagination.

I's in the will of specialists to assess and to negotiate – we thank you for the segment, under the worthy guidance of M. Dan Spogen and M. Pierre Rausch - who also knows M. Dan Schank, another fertile reporter from RTL Group, from youth and player meetings - that would be presented in the photo album.

The segment was interesting because of jury, the candidate has multiple objects, he could have understood the importance of television and knows how to use. "It was a suggestion from friends in the school - that I should do this stuff". School participation (LCD – option video "La chute - rêve d' élève – dream of a student") – transmitted, as well on RTL, already here the candidate got recognized.

As regards negative casuals: there are financial limits - but in the foreground are - in advance - expert consulting’s -image consult - what clothing are adapt – health insurance - perhaps it just the one day trip to the big one (RTL Studios) - costs Mr. Pierre Rausch's participation how to view things? He'd answer the Jury in proper manner. The reporter commented. Clean face – made beard - this guy knows what it's about. Both  side go home; offended.

So, I think, that it can be diverted off record - no aspect may be valid - if you know Mr Pierre Rausch, then it's not a mistake.

Under professional advice, if employees are involved – you may have a benefice to be criticized.

The candidate as a performer had commitment and passion to participate. Translations, lyrics – Mr. Pierre Rausch won't quit the business as he threatens to do - at the end of the segment, lyrics, translations may evaluate his song – Mr. Pierre Rausch, who comes to his duties as a member of the national library, clearly showing which way to go - traduction – starting from September on

As explained earlier, it may be a split jury judgment - how would you react if you'd sing in public? Wish I have a right to see a song contest in a media context of stage environment and camera.

Tabs of Summernightbrand record sales (aka Media Music)/ Ltd.; Et.Com. 10000112/0 are online, on the new generation of musicians has the chance to prove itself.

We are talking about a Luxembourg artist, a trained, skilled professional, who, with the support of programmatic translation, is up to his songs in a larger audience - a landscape description in the first place – it becomes evident. The international context, country tips, drive and interest - it is the topic which is standard; a standard that you knew once not to be grown.

Which is not necessarily clear in the expressions of fund, the value seems greater than presumed. He is absolutely clear. Why he would be although mentioned in the framework of operation and operation room - without the company as a module - I would be mentioned - I had my head held like hen, down, for the information interest. You know what it means to bring, to be reporter for a lifetime - he's on the way to songwriter-stardom; Informal waiting list, toilet - if I can - RTL Group helps me out.


Consider the clinic as neighbor, in case there is an accident – report in hospital is an advantage. Where, but also the high strings know the major clinic as partner;- When someone bumps into your car. You run out – assured or not - then I do not know how to react - a trained team assures that someone replaces, that the report will be presented.


My opinion, what the musical skills concern,  remain at about 2/5 of the area, what the professional partners desire 2/5 of the field; skills take minimum 5 years in addition to training - a musician may need 10 years to start a career – it's lucrative but odd; We are talking about a 5 CD -  contract - you should have written at least 500 standard poems, a 50-100 published songs, B-sides, EP's – as an Luxembourgish artist - translated into at 3 languages, else you won't find the odd one out – the weak link. In text-focused ' melodies, you would find words, details that make a certain difference. What would you do if you determine discontent in your lyrics; it depends on possible 5000 poems - including from what I have to offer I; I am a decent listener, public image means life, I write stuff in libraries, it may have to be improved by scholars.  So, I get a sense of what is right to say. In addition, written faculties of the mail production and justification.’ Yes' and the junior partner to the microphone.


Television means very much – if at home, a wedding takes place, or a death is to complain about - television is glad to take the responsibility as best regard to the camera angle, but also to script, role and temper. Not only I tell you that I should like the position - a page of authentication to something - another page, it may be suspending. I am member of the umbrella organization INECC and the quarter stone of the choral association Steinfort, as well as a former member of the choir of the church of Ettelbruck.


“The broke inside my home - I do not know whether you like it - be a further exigency - a rigid structure, no behavior. A regulated income on Sunday and on Saturday the soccer pitch. I feel myself like the pool - feelings of myself - reluctant - voting as karaoke. I may carry skills when children watch the ideas of a stranger - safely recommended as beautiful lady, pleasant music. Don't get me wrong - it is just a report about the business - we have educated and informed you. "This hasn't told me someone, when I bought the CD, or heard it on the radio."


We were extremely pleased with regards to their acquaintance. It got judged; through the backdrop chair society - possibly a suggestion to the audience to study science:  The recent invention, which is used in general areas, is the "flat screen".


With regards to layout, television is always one step ahead. In Europe a lot is free, even if it costs: mandatory defense, doctor convocation, assurance matters, cultural offers of the city of Luxembourg.


You should already be informed – when it comes down to whom you assist. There is so much culture in Luxembourg - this must be a cause? Guys who have been listening to a Mr. Matthew Bellamy (the Kooks). Guys who know what there heists, to purify a solo are and that must have been raped to be on stage (5 year record deal) - on the rendezvous you show your advantages to know. "It was night, and the burglars came when I slept with 20, with 30 blows to the skull, I think that is worthy to defend the rights of audience in public - I was close to death and escaped".


I will also see AZ 4504/10/XD


I'd like to represent you,


Yours sincerely,


Mr. Pierre Rausch




"Unser Star für Baku" - Shiverspine "Viva" - Casting Box Teil 5, 28.11.2011:


Dear team, dear Mr Stephen Raab, Brainpool, TvTotal,


I am in the sad duty to report: Mr. Pierre Rausch got burglary, on the 28.2.2012, tell them to stay away, in the meantime, Mr. Pierre Rausch. The crime is carried at about 20-30 facial shots, at the Luxembourg health insurance and health care. Law firm Baulisch obtained, with rather studied objective in Belgium.

“It was shocking, two masked men cut me off in the entrance-way, they beat mercilessly and shot, in fear of death, I came to seconds.”

The segment got run under the AZ 4504/10/XD, rather to injustice, (Luxembourg). I hear that more body parts were damaged in further violation: arm, finger, fractures, limb fractures and ear damage (left foot). The status of the Luxembourg disabled worker got requested.

“I take part in the training of security officers to let the terrible acts to reports.”


These were beautiful days, Summernightbrand Record Sales (aka as Music Media), I prepared for the casting of SSDSDSSWEMGABRTLAD. I had a student loan available to implement my professional musical projects. The certified revenue "RMG" got denied. A CD in connection with a first opening of MySpace - at the Donwood opening in Rotterdam samples got insured. I was in various hotels - in advance.


I had written lyrics, University days (Université Louis Pasteur), that, shortly before the casting, agreed to the Netherlands. In several visits, I weighed quite to what is now Summernightbrand Record Sales. My financial situation depressed me, but the career opportunities are awesome in Germany. In the foreground of festival opportunity, such as Rock am Ring 2001, PUKKELPOP 2006, Rockwerchter 2007 or the Luxembourgish Red Rock Festival 2007, and wanted to show you “so here's right to you”, also if there is one or other slanted-ton in between. I was an acknowledged worker on the post as the time happened to be.

With you in the Studio, you ran R.E.M.. According to descriptions, a cigarette threw to the road, Peter Fox, Keane, “Karpatenwolf”, at TvTotal is the "who's who" the honor.


It is the era of "Pete Doherty", which, photographed with Kate Moss is every newspaper. I saw him in hassel ' with a wiper blade! The "Kaiser's Chiefs" shone in Luxembourg; and "Keane" played a role as well. Summernightbrand Record Sales heard Buckley, Dylan, Gaye, Love and Baez. TvTotal sent you, in hindsight, an MP3-player with the favorite artist.


I knew yet exactly when I arrived, yet, in the hills. I was too late, and had ordered a taxi. Full nervousness; I boarded the wrong train in Liège, and was, first, in Brussels, before a Belgian taxi took me to Cologne. The taxi driver told what took the box referral of an older Lady - it was like magic, I gave him a preview to my vote - we chose its refrain "The Peace Of Paradise", yes "hit me, hit me, Lady, hit me". Since I had an audition, it was decided that spontaneously - on the humor factor of Tvtotal to set, to collect the last percentage points, who then gave a contract to a weaker act "hit me, Stephan, hit me - what applies to the archive and the statistics area of TvTotal, so was Mr Stephen Raab in box courses to be."


"I was afraid of my career, and acknowledgement to criticism. Television is a very different environment, and it was especially nice to have met me in a sporadic way. The TV is the living room, I don't know it otherwise."


My CDs - speaker vote to the concept of a possible artistic deception ("God as a community - with a moderate analysis to blow the Raab empire (issues “Schlaag den Raab” policeman with bald head).


Many candidates include Hill Road. Limb man, brought the cigarettes to the ashtray were everyone stays.


"I tried to bribe the welcoming committee with a bottle of liquor - one of my friends is Mr. Mathis Prost - there is sometimes an unnecessary any more justification."

Music means everything to Mathis, without music it, food doesn't taste, where I live, I ran non-stop radio music in the locker room (Camping Fussekaul) - all believed me.


I came in the recording studio, and the jury was entrenched; - as explained in the briefing- there stood a used tower to the jury - which reminds a bit of Panzerschlablonen of Sid Meier. I played without guitar pick - TvTotal has done much for me as far as computers are concerned, the following year will be a musical year.


I spontaneously decided to participate again, in order to be asked to sing again. "A Capella" - to remain faithful to the humor factor; I state Russian musicians to this (to gain a possible Eurovision Song contest position) With regards to the performance, I was satisfied.


You warmly thank the broadcast. This is not self-evident. The broadcast, including preparation, arrived well. I have made it with love.



-        USFB


I entered the building of ProSieben - Was it a similar studio? There was different kind of seats. Yes those were the same? Since a new seating area stood aside - Japanese style – the new cuisine - I opted to check in. Her fair color of the hair - all costs:  I won the last seat condition with Grandmother (Dortmund), because we didn't know also whether there would be beige or silver-gray - we opted for grey - the color of father (laughter).

My CDs, I had in Cologne and Luxembourg, a live from pedestrian zones: the follow-up to "Dream on", – lost by an unfortunate PC crash – after editing (1 month). "Dream On" introduced "King" for the first time to honor the Slash of assemblage.

I named it Lemures & Legends 1, the debut of corporate identity 10000112/0, which holds a license for CD sale in Luxembourg. I have drawn the artwork in the Luxembourg homeless borage "Foyer Ulysse", where I got accommodated – prior to the casting of Eurovision. It was a wonderful time which we honor, like to think back.

There was nothing told of new references at Brainpool – I know what it means to run out on business - professionals go to work - on business terms – no longer to deliver my brand.

So, I gave my CDs to the listener and enrolled early. I did not mention the new artwork - there was a performance to prepare - I called occasionally with mother. It was curious, what have the young prospect, because this to offer. I am spontaneously warm - played the guitar with amplifier; It was a black Ibanez - there were other candidates, that bothered me. With a newspaper article in luggage, which led Luxembourg to greater recognition - what should have happened to me? Go with performance, artwork, and musical feeling. Below, next to the toilet where I had cried at prior casting SSDSDSSWEMGABRTLAD, after the show. Known as a street musician who brings it - benefits also post to the Philharmonie!

In advance, I had seen Mr. Marius Müller Westernhagen, who was not only miss Lena Mayer Landrut, but also for his Radio Maria stadium tour, so the first Germany tour with large flat-screen, also at TvTotal, in the context of his best of tour. USFO discrepancy in no camp, what is the use of flat screens was we clear.

It was the 2nd season of the Eurovision Song contest, my interest to assist strong Germany in the Eurovision Song Media and for the country partner to learn Luxembourg, a piece of cloth has come. All cigarette butts were around; I cleaned it with my own hand. With the doorman I had befriended me now - he was nice and eager to discover a lack of interest compared with the doorman of the other camp, it was talk.

When I went to recording, I realized that a new decor of photography assemblage hung. Photography - art lateral artillery - success secret days. "AZ 334 ls 48/10 BEW: The public defender, which I saw, will be paid by the Luxembourg State".

"I was afraid that one has not fall through his own conditions, to look TvTotal in the eyes, which nothing in the invitational states."

Front of the Studio I smooth remarked that the CAPO was missing, I asked to run to the toilet to get it. (Love is an album which is called "Da Capo"). Whether I get dementia – in this segment. I think, rather not.

I showed the newspaper from the Tageblatt: the jury answered graceful, in guitar player constellation (Jonny Greenwood), one sitting, one standing, one of the other in frontal shot, so formed that you only can be offended at management report, as the organizer states: how will I describe the third jury rescue commander court, without to think of him according to the plan? In each case are under these conditions, and in the case of closed jury attendants outside, what mean the written report, the link between well-paying work and show business; bands are above.

We examined what concerned the candidate selection, so the competition was off - I introduced me to the gatekeeper - "Funeral song" on piano, we heard, laughed - casting is also times as ' an opener - there we met sometimes strange types. When someone is, the tides, I don't care.

Recently, a team was assembled which meets higher standards - in addition to law firms, notary public, health insurance and insurance, so those partners who are entitled to a budget - are specialists who evaluate the casting material: dentists, Kineosiotherapist, what the face and the neck concerns.

Right now, we rehearsh with rosary, part of the choir of Steinfort, member of the choir of Ettelbrück, the union INECC, consulting doctors (Stomatologen), kiniosetherapie, lawyers, bank employee's,


Yours sincerly,


Mr. Pierre Rausch




DSDS 2011 - Freddy's Frog Blog - Wearing Red Gloves under my real name, Pierre Rausch, look how Bohlen had improved look in comparaison to Pierre's performance 2008 - it's barely to believe


DSDS 2008, performance, be precarious at evil sight. Difformed tonal voices to boost hyperformal formaldehyd.



Frequently asked questions:

Do you evaluate your performance in a poor or in a strong way, Mr. Rausch?

At that time I was busy, and could performances estimate not always, what concerns the result being lanyard quality - I'll show you broken sailors, I am ashamed, it was not grown rather to the requirement. It is there to be horny on the success, considering not so right out to like it; What could go wrong - that the woman on the phone is called Mama, and the flow of the production is disturbed right away- American Idol is but a different game as business stuff.

Why did you choose, not to offer your CDs?

In relation to the aristocratic artist company they wanted, I delivered a differential product, the jury recognizes at first glance whether there can be someone, or not. Downloads were on the Internet at that time.

Do you like the form of contract which states, that, since, American Idol has exclusive rights and are not entitled to use?

Not necessarily - if I would learn a business, which agrees to the long term tradition: they added themselves and were silent. To suspend the one or another season, to evaluate material from professionals of the powers to be - it was a satisfaction for us. Lyrics are international, and translations are the key to success.

How did you get a participation on American Idol?

I was broadcast on TvTotal for the first time on German TV in part of any foundation page of MySpace, you're delight to popularity: the truth was never clear, not only friends became member and fans opened up to the judgment of American Idol. This is like to be the American Idol. Mr Dieter Bohlen has a feeling for the candidates, white is a color, as the blues distracts, to lead and to set up, is also a longer television production, on request of the audience.

Regards to the casting sites, so it is known to me, as an experience in the architectural sector, I've learned a lot. My fans love older castles, skyscrapers, where the voice echoes in the marble, it was an upper floor and you will receive flowers with view on the cathedral - the location could be set up in a better way.

Who has impressed you the most in the jury?

There sits a bear in the audience - as one does much for the music business, when it comes to covers  bär is the refernce of the alternative hip hop scene, he has the strength, to hold the German villages and the bronx, especially around Stuttgart. I am talking of a man bearing a political opinion that guides gladly to an artist available to stand from rear range.

Good personnel is scared, as there are strong differences as regards to an example:  The material should be evaluated by specialists. I know the attitude to shut my mouth at home - start close to the microphone, so the material should be evaluated by specialists.

You have necessarily experience to be present on the mic, but you are doing American Idol. Has it a special reason?

A candidate should never get a preference - which has its strengths in alternative areas.

Dieter is used to provide "A Capella" - you did decide for a performance with guitar?

I like to dance, especially in Berlin. There were castings which I did not proprly judge. With Dieter, the pleasure was mine.

Do you have suggestions for improvements as regards to American Idol?

Yes. It is difficult to place applicants in detail, candidates who may apport talent, and here is their stage to perform. The crew is doing their best and always meets the needs of-the Spanyards. It is tight, but accepted; the crew spends many hours on the set and is professional. I have seen a team, which works and has a family at home (Facebook). The transmission format hat is the place to be is American Idol “Kids” ' no idea - someone who helps in the media sector walks inclusive. American Idol is a trademark, where there is nothing to leave.

In your 2008 participition, you wore a cross, which had a special reason?

Because I want join and contribute, does not mean I will not succeed. It brought me attention - I was the candidate to be - in all these years – no one wore a wholy leverage item – it gives advantages in the contact (age section).  At TvTotal there are horns in the logo. It questions also age limit on American Idol.


2011, you had you then decided without starting cross - trugst cropped, red gloves for this?

Yes, I wanted to take then also times alone before the jury without that because what moves one to the ground. The season was hard - I played with Minustemparaturen. The gloves were mites.


Tell us about your preparations to performa, which prepared your appearances on American Idol?

It was a merry time - there were the days at the youth hostel, where I set to music for the first time "Honey bunny"; I ran through  the youth hostel on bus - it was a dream-come-true. Then the days in the Hotels only to sing in Stuttgart; great passion. It were legendary gigs where I talked prior to the business.



Have you developed feelings during this time to paraph 12 (punkt 12)?


Of course. Sickly and struck - I was at this time a bit sick and the fans helped on me not to touch the screen.


You were actually always alone at the start when your castings, times apart from the fact that you have saved costs, had this a special reason?


I work as an artist in the cohesion, like alone.



Mr Pierre Rausch, we thank warmly for the conversation - it was lucrative and open.



Use questions we discuss segments of;. It has been already evaluated by doctors, in the framework of the aforementioned burglary. Send a payment to the above address.


"I was afraid of my career, acknowledged the criticism that has to offer that jury." "Television is a very different medium, and better to have met."





Dear Fans,


We thank you for your exclusive rights, of broadcast on German television, as well as on the Internet, or in the alternative reportis.


One thinks, that they might offer the best contract, to exercise the right to act as artist; in the case of Mr Pierre Rausch, who is known for his excellent work in the media sector.


We notice that in the meantime, a burglary took place, listed under the Protocol Nr. 12047 of Luxembourgish Police. Mr Pierre Rausch suffered a concussion, several wounds, as a result of criminal intent, which is medically treated right now.


One finds that Mr Pierre Rausch, under court index AZ 4504/10/XD of the Luxembourg courts consists that not only arm, finger and a toe got broken, but a hearing impairment instaured, which is unfortunately not to be operatively solved.


“My career is threatened and endangered to end”


Summernightbrand Record Sales thanks you for the report, Mr Pierre Rausch - a panel of judges ' and face, which he can not stand.



Trained eye, the experience of thousands of candidates - the judgment is competent and valid - what if in hindsight a crime happens, conjure up the a second public opinion, and lack of clarity can be?


As regards to  opinion, casting segments, primarily in medical use, which identify competence and constellation, dislocations, complexes and could, so that the viewer will come in the commercial benefit of the segment will come.


"The collapse was cruel;" "they came at night and struck me down"



Mr Pierre Rausch may not be mentioned in a new segment, he may not regard his values - but also from the watch-list and schedule on air he could think.


"In the meantime, I have a shops (et.)" Com. 10000112/0, sold the CDs worldwide, and am a member of the choir of Steinfort, member of the choral group as well as of the umbrella organisation INECC, and member of the national library;


"currently I translate my songs in eight languages"

Man thanks once again for the broadcasting of the segments - it was the time of great deeds and every one wanted to help his team, to pay homage to American Idol.


"American Idol is a show that night and day to itelf, to offer the top of the limit." Television can be - me as bitter clown, like to know that there is a waiting list, and that is a professional team of medical specialist.


I made a comment about the Luxembourg broadcasting, a radio format similar to that of "American Idol", something they can respond to.


To the segments in detail:


The cruelest guitar player of DSDS (American Idol): I'd approach me in a philosophic way:


The segment was seen by my family, just how I was raised years later also times on - Yes you've not been on TV? The segment was , what market research concerns, a full success.


Is someone who touches rather no pet, a cruel guitar player? Should we think with the guitar, without nasty representation? Expires the segment when possibly a candidate got raped? In any cas another candidate, another right.


I express someone who has a relationship with the guitar, they regard the image-news sometimes, adverts, or had a perrot, where I came, we were talking about something serious. I am, in any case cruel to the audience. It may deteriorate the soundsettings in a way can reply, only improvements because of the feeling that might have the guitar run. Sound generates multiple sound, I can allow a sound to the guitar, it plays me as an artist into my interest, to perform poorly - she also feels; equipped with MP3-devices the guitar could hear as well – in other words: how do I prove that it is not listening.


A Capella, is hardly a response referred to the concept: audience, city life is based on feeling, a relationship between item and purchase object.


I think that Mr Dieter Bohlen rather alludes to the legal situation, is prepared to the young audience that you get wrong in the neck of the segment - who already suspects the that a Frogblog segment is later tp happen  - after all an apology can happen in the intermediate years: it comes here to the legal situation, in the run-up to signed contract and form that was clarified without obligation: it is therefore an input between the owner of the contract and the contract users: that actually was agreed, which runs a pub in front of the pub.


Better reasons for a good ranking in this segment, speak:


The great Palace. We are talking about Berlin, we walk on marble, cinema - great. An allegory to ancient rulers can be made  due to the purpose of the segment -


“they were under press verict, cruel and under our fathers”


The attendance layer to be the upscale university caste might rather be good, so much honor in the persons who can feel a connection between world and war. This plays to the candidates benefit: he writes his own lyrics and I'll pass him later my audience: they front, necessarily, the face value they give on TV, they have no contact with the police, insurance company's, law firm, in general, of their lawyer of professional career, as well as by the Dylan at the "Brandeis University concert" a given: he talks about inconsistences in a picnic, which is why I prefer at home to remain, in order to save costs of insurance. That I draw from the selected target audience, hardly a matter, because I own yes and  no - TV rights according to contract.


Mr Dieter Bohlen could be considered as the cruelest guitar player by a viewer, he has always guided the players with his eyes, it wouldn't be a confusion, what concerns any segment. The target group needs, at this point of time, guidance as best regard of thinking, here is Mr Dieter Bohlen front. Perhaps he wears more mature fantasy, which brings him two segments that require Mr Pierre Rausch fanbase.


Pierre is a Luxembourg statesman, he mastered several languages and translated multiple poems.


The candidate is rather new home:


It is a segment which manufactures the faculties, as well as intellectual skills: there are the areas that require a composition of lawyers, a public notary, health insurance, insurance of health care, but also imagination, in addition to putting together a professional team of consultants.


I'm talking about a selection, yes, what were percentage, with, which we cut off the candidates, where the market share of a segment is true, we question the market polls on the page to be maintained; trained politicians, of which we speak, or keep hold, only to be a one caste contact. In any case, television is the only way to analyze - dual I think on thee, twice I've worked. In the context of achievements such as the flat-screen, achievement should be mentioned over the years, flat-screens are larger: in pedestrian areas (in the case of football tournaments) – they have a high scoreboard.


Television is so much more, entertainment: I remember the films of the early 1990s, as much as progress. Inventor messages should be on the way; who are we to say yes, here on flat-screen to philosophize, I'd like to tune the guitar!


Frogblock: friend request. 1 new video from Pierre Rausch


Man thanks for the broadcasting, she was inducted, pleased in the segment – so it got mentioned in the bowling alley of my former residence, which was always chock-a-block hit. I hardly - understood due to the hearing impairment to the violations -


“there roll permanently bowling balls”


Further comments were positively mentioned in the zone of Diekirch. - American Idol Kids in Luxembourg: welcomed. It is a new, a creative passage, which represents the opinion of the public that I comprehend - in the case of young spectator - before image will be consulted, doctor appointments, assurance matters, lawyars – image consult. I am a member of Facebook, and have received several awards; it increased, the friend requests, yes.


“In 2008, I witnessed a frog, as I wrote with a friend in the gazette - sparse and comment – it waas gone, he jumped simply away.”


Whether or what that is a song to the choice of the worst song on American Idol, I don't know, it came to me: the frog was everything, the Red gloves that I wore, she shone on German Television and on Frogblock – everybody wants to be me.  Yes. Where are the symbols of someone who peeks after the frog – who did you become? A bit like a fairy tale adventure to summon - link to the prior segment: adhere to the storyteller.


1 Friend request is based also on Mr. Pierre Rausch:


"I've decided to a cover to pay homage to Mr Ben Harper, a friend, a lover, a request to offer whether it is perceived well, not an area which is rather not, with Mr. Ben Harper we have been through better times: in addition to blues, he makes also makes  music selects design makes merchandising, has several home page, organized touring, he builds your own instrument - I rather think that it may be well received." He has a lot of work, he may also like major worker one day longer.


Whether Mr Ben Harper meets its range of distorted effects (disurbing sound setting, on request of the candidate). In relation to Facebook can one be kept in benefit, that you possibly represent as jury? Facebook is open - a medium which later may gain in importance - yes, you have the rights to listen in "In case of doubt, I think, to be responsible, because I love to have ceded our rights in the American Idol contract, I would report it on Facebook, even if there's a fucker by the pussy that answers - I must consist in any loyal step.



"I rate our careers in terms of casting agency, a moon landing, a career that as segment is extremely strong"


American Idol is a greater network, similar to DSDS, new friend request live on TV – a lover chat in the background, a lifetime of experience, quest enrichment, handled the novice Pierre Rausch, his first sprouts; what has not all starred - advice with regard to outfit, special effects, which relate to the eye area. We are in Cologne and the spark jumps not so pretty over - Mr Dieter Bohlen is an instance concerning music media, what constitutes experience, respect and devotion in music business, on the TV. Regular jury reorganisation notice rather then usure.


"That I appeared without support is a lie – I had a computer with wireless-lan. An hindsight to consideration, no error, it could have been hardly helpful to me to be a reporter :-/."


If I compare the segments, in particular mind games – all in all - I met the spirit of an era of five years - we were, as a team, in the means of justice - rather, it is too bad that the team from this year of what it is.


"As regard to individual direction, little happened to be hollow, more without the appropriate advice"- a man thanks for the support.


The lights of the city - great performane include American Idol audition; it's too bad that I can no longer compete due to legal issues.


"I was close, but lack of experience or a certain curtain thing".


Compared to other casting me striking, that the bar is slightly lower regarding castings. Other castings, as with the X-Factor-team (RTL_II) or the Eurovision Song Contest is that bar similar to the high. Are there terms and conditions the may differ - in Brainpool castings actually getting in your own home - subheadings, what concerns the broadcasting-performance; as a replacement, it is the best I had to offer - comedieans or a several band environment (DSDS-Orchester): the value of American Idol and the Eurovision is enorm; Mr Stephan Raab likes one lands also times like on Festival, as was the case with "The Voice of Germany" (concert by Mr Rea Garvey in the "Rockhal".)


On American Idol, on Brainpool Television one admits himself, that he is no longer enough - as far as the performance is concurence, I will not enter when my hero is about to say:


"Hey now it's me"


To provide what he affords, feel free to give up lie, unlike the withdrawal of the edge.


Meanwhile, the team to a lawyer and a notary office has strengthened the situation. Mr Pierre Rausch plays live; he is the dear guy.


He had knowledge that is equivalent to environmental record labels - with all possible meditation that could - consuming the high society, I found it for the better tendency not to mention that partnership.


(c) 2017


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